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Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Industry Insurance

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016-887 9586

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8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday
Melissa has always displayed patience and attentiveness to the people around her which contributed to her success in this industry. She always believes in giving before receiving and has received countless of compliments from her clients on her service. She takes pride in everything she does, from obtaining a first class honours in her degree, to achieving her Million Dollar Club award in her 2nd year in this industry.

Unique to this industry, she specialises in doing both Baby and Family insurance planning as well as Millennials Wealth planning. Combining her array of knowledge and skills and her close-to-heart approach, she has protected and gained trust from many individuals and families and has forged many long-term relationships. Many has commended her for being a  very committed advisor, always giving her 101% best, and there is no doubt she will go far in this industry.

She has helped change the lives of many young couples planning for a baby by assisting with maternity coverage and life insurance for babies. She is careful always to take a practical approach that focuses on what is best for the clients now and in the future. This commitment to her customers has already served her well and will undoubtedly be the foundation on which she builds her enduring career as a financial services consultant.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Melissa has definitely made our lives a breeze when we were looking for insurance policies for maternity coverage and life policy for our little one. She was very willing to share her knowledge of products across the board and gave us unbiased views of the advantages and disadvantages of the various policies. Her recommendations for insurance policies are very practical for the buyer, looking at the age and family/financial circumstances one is currently in. Melissa has a sincere attitude towards her clients and we will definitely recommend her to our circle of friends.

Grace Lau, Assistant Director

Melissa has been a very kind and lovely FA. She has helped my husband and I collate our portfolio of insurances by patiently calling the various insurance companies one by one as we do not remember the various insurance plans that we have bought over the years. She recommends plans for us appropriately and goes the extra mile to make sure that things are going well for us. Would recommend her for her personalised service!

Identity cannot be revealed due to nature of job. 


Melissa is attentive to my needs and lifestyle preferences when recommending a suitable product. She is thorough in explaining the policies and ensures that i understand fully before commiting. She also responds efficiently to my queries, and it gives me confidence that she is knowledgeable in her products. 

It can be hard finding the right person to entrust your policy with, especially when there are so many black sheeps in the insurance industry. If you are looking for a reliable, hardworking and honest consultant to handle your policies, there’s no better person than Melissa. You’re in good hands for sure 🙂

Eugenia Ho, Business Owner

It was my first time getting policies after stepping into adulthood. Melissa was very patient in giving me the big picture on getting insurance policies. Melissa took time to go through suitable policies with me and guided me in finding policies that are suitable for me. Even during this COVID-19 period, Melissa constantly checked in with me just like a friend. I believe this rapport built will help my agent in understanding my current and future needs better. Thank you Melissa.

Jiayi, Nutritionist

Melissa is a good friend of mine, and as someone who saw her start her journey as a FA, I’m definitely impressed at the amount of effort and passion she put into her job. Being someone of the same age as me and going through the same stage of life, Melissa was able to relate to me and recommend me plans that is suitable, taking into consideration my financial income and helping me with everything I need, as I am someone who is not experienced in this matter. Mel also took the time and effort to meet with my parents and me to better understand the policies I already have and provide others that compliment it, rather then hard-selling!
Also, when the need arises, she made claiming process really smooth and handled everything efficiently, which definitely solidify the trust I have in her as a FA!

Jolene, Radiographer

Melissa is a sincere and trustworthy Financial Advisor. I was looking for a critical illness plan and asked her about it. Instead of just recommending a plan, she took time to understand my needs and then recommended me the most suitable plan. On top of that, Melissa took a step further in helping me to find out more about my current policies and explained to me in detail as I have little knowledge on insurance policies. She also seeks to provide me with the best financial advice. With Melissa, I am rest assured that I am well covered financially throughout my life.

Hui Wen, Nutritionist

 I have known Melissa since my Uni days. I feel that Melissa is a very sweet-natured, patient and understanding person, both as a friend and an FA. She often goes to the extra mile for her friends as well as her clients, giving us small confectionary treats every now and then. 

During her initial sharing session, what I liked about Melissa was that she was willing to patiently understand about my financial situation. After that, she asked me about my investments / savings plans that I currently own. Through that, she then recommended the plans that suited me based on my budget and the amount I was willing to set aside. 

I felt what Melissa did well was the fact that she was willing to listen and understand what my current situation was.

In the past, I had bad experiences with some agents in which their goal was just to make me purchase plans without even understanding my budget, or the amount I’m willing to set aside for insurances. 

Ultimately, her patience and willingness to sit down to understand my financial situation as well as being very transparent about the pros and cons of the plans she shared with me, has made me to decide to obtain an AIA Health Goldshield Max plan from her. I also have absolute confidence that I am able to rely on her when it comes to obtaining information about my purchased plans, or about other plans that the organization offers. 

I have recommended Melissa to my family and my friends as I feel that she is reliable when it comes to queries as well as providing good advice to what plans one needs. Plus her efforts to go to the extra mile for her friends and clients has even made her win and be nominated for some awards, thus solidifying her credibility. Would continue to recommend to my family and my peers👍🏻

Justin Lin, Engineer

I have known Melissa since my Uni days, and she is a person with great integrity, work ethic, and one of the nicest person I’ve known. Mel will listen to the details of my needs before recommending the policies. She knows her products very well and provided me with a very detailed plan and recommendations tailored to my specific needs. I am thankful for her thoroughness and time spent to make sure I have the best plan. I would highly recommend her to my circle of friends to achieve better financial planning because she will recommend the products that we really need.

Nicholas Ting, Engineer

 I knew Melissa when signing up for a complimentary policy and was glad to meet up with her for some financial planning advice. She had been very responsive and helpful when there is a need to arrange specialist appointments for my daughter. Patience and sincerity are the strengths that will bring her far in this industry.

Wei Wen, Administrative

 I always find Melissa reliable and trustworthy as a friend therefore able to trust her with my financial planning. Being friends and also as my FA, I like that there’s no hard selling of policies and she only introduce plans that she knows what’s best/suitable for me to meet my goals. Melissa introduced plans based on my needs and gave me ample time to think through on which policy I should go with. Totally stress-free process! Even after the purchase, there was a policy review done up for me, which was something my mum’s 20 years of FA didn’t even bother to do. It helped me to keep track what i have purchased and where my savings will be going since I’m a total financial scatterbrain. Without a doubt, I’ll definitely recommend her to my friends! I understand that there are concerns for buying policies from a financial advisor that is also your friend. However, seeing how commited Melissa is in her work in order to provide tailor-made finance advices for me, she’s more than capable of separating finances from friendship. Definitely someone that i can trust my finance planning with.

Eunice, QA Executive