Be your own boss, and join our team

Being part of 3rd runner up district in AIA Singapore 2019, we are one of the most reliable financial services consultants in Singapore. We take pride in the services we provide; we work with mission and we serve with passion.

In an industry that combines flexibility, excitement, and entrepreneurship, we are here to help you run your own business backed by an established system and the reliable support network.

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”, and this may be where your future starts.

Benefits as a financial services consultant
You can enjoy the many benefits of being our team member:

  • Own your own financial advisory practice and unlock unlimited income potential
  • Flexible time management; you can work anytime, anywhere
  • No forced retrenchment or retirement; you can work till age 90 if you want to
  • Meet interesting people and make new friends
  • Multiple free holiday trips every year
  • Meet new challenges and achieve new goals every year
  • We built an automated leads generation platform, so all our members can generate quality leads automatically in the most effective way
  • We also developed proven strategy and replicable business system to ensure that you can excel in financial advisory
Leads gen platform
When you join our team, we will provide you with the necessary platform to generate leads, ensuring your career a smooth one. Our leads generation platform consists of four main aspects:

Exclusive Perks

Perks & rewards to add value and connect with our clients

Automated Lead Generation

Leading you to build strong relationship with industry leaders using multiple lead generation platforms

Social media marketing

Promoting our remarkable services using unconventional marketing strategy


Directing you to high net worth individual to optimize your success

Career progression

As you choose to join our well-diverse team of financial services consultants, we will give you guidance along the way so that you can continue to achieve great things and expand your wings.

Personal Growth and Development

Starting your career with us also enable you to invest on your own personal growth and development Improve the design to make it look like a separate session The previous session is Career Progression

AIA Company Training Support

Weekly team traning, role play and review

Joint - Field work

60 Days Faststart Training Program

Professional Courses like CHFC, CFP, AEPP and CLU

Career Form

Career Form

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