Financial Services Consultant

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Type of Insurance :

Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Industry Insurance

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016-887 9586

Hours of Operation :

8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday
Understanding, Humble and Well-Versed. These are some words often used to describe Jackson, who is a true people’s person in the eyes of many people. Everyone who knows him would undoubtedly have witnessed him sharing that he is blessed with a job that allows him to do what he loves, and most importantly allows him to help and impact as many lives as he can.

Jackson graduated with a Bachelors degree in Banking and Finance, but instead of working in the bank, he believes that the Financial Advisory industry will be able to provide him with the opportunity to reach out and do so much more for hardworking people from all different walks of life. With every client that he serves, Jackson sincerely hopes that he will be able to change lives and leave a memorable imprint in the mind of each and every one whom he crossed paths with.

With a mantra of “Financial Planning is not just a job, it is my responsibility,” Jackson strongly believes that everyone can and should have a well-managed financial portfolio in any situation and it should be the last thing they worry about in life. He is on a lifelong journey to impart and make use of his knowledge and help as many individuals as he can through his work.

When clients are asked of their experience with Jackson, it’s clear that he is already succeeding in changing lives. Clients commend him for taking the time to help them understand policies and also treat them like friends. He goes above and beyond to do things like recommend great eateries and spend time talking with clients about what is going on in their lives. Time and again, clients look to Jackson as a sound financial services consultant who is also one of the most caring, friendly, and dependable people they have ever met.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Hi Jackson, thanks for providing Patrick & I good advice on what we needed with great detailed explanation to ensure we understand the policy and thanks for working within our budget too and only recommending what we really need.

Now we can be assured that in case something happens to us, we’re well covered and wouldn’t be a burden to our family financially. And off course we have your assurance that we could call you anytime with regards to queries on our policies and on whatever we are not sure off. This gave us great confidence in you☺️

Thanks for being so patient and accommodating to suit our timings. Aside from financial planning, thanks for your foodie recommendations too😁

Surely, we’ll recommend you to our friends. For now, if anyone mentions about insurance you’ll be the first one we think of😁

Keep up your good service and I’m sure your sincerity and efforts will be well paid off ya.
Jiayou Jiayou 💪🏻👍🏻👏🏻💖🌷

Ooh btw, did I mention you’re the first insurance agent to dine n treat us like your friends too.

God bless you 🙏🏻🙌🏻

Rhoda, Tutor. & Patrick, Car Mechanic

It’s my pleasure to have Jackson as my financial advisor. He is an attentive and meticulous person. Upon the first meeting, he took his time to analyze my needs and have great patience clarifying all my doubts. By the second meeting, he have already customized a policy that suited me. Will greatly recommend Jackson for your first policy purchase or enhancing your portfolio!

Guo Liang, IT Consultant

In the years I have known Jackson, he has always been a bright, honest and a helpful buddy.He is authentic and sincere in providing relevant and tailored financial advice and services. This helps ensure I have a strong safety net to fall back on in times of emergencies.I truly appreciate his frequent check-ins and insight and will confidently recommend his services to others out there. Thank you Jackson!

Sheikh Ashraf, Property Manager

Jackson responded to my request timely. He is very knowledgeable and he explained to me all my available options. He is very helpful, courteous and friendly! I truly appreciate the exceptional service he provided me. Thank you so much!

Ronald, Cargo coordinator