Company :

Capital Choice Southwest and Copper Mountain Insurance

Year Established :


Type of Insurance :

Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Industry Insurance

Contact Number :

016-887 9586

Hours of Operation :

8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday

Since joining the firm in 2017, clients have sought out Cyntalia for her dedication to ensuring that clients receive the best outcomes. Cyntalia has the ability to translate her deep product knowledge of different financial instruments and breakdown complex ideas and policies into simple terms that clients can understand. Her approach to financial planning is collaborative. Clients who have been with her from the start love the fact that she takes the time to get to know them, their personal and professional goals, and then comes up with a realistic plan to help grow and protect their wealth.

In Cyntalia’s own words, “My greatest motivation is planting seeds of love, knowledge, and care to ensure my clients have peace of mind financially.” It is this motivation that keeps her going above and beyond for the clients she serves.

While Cyntalia works with all demographics, she has a number of clients who have families, run their own businesses, and are recent graduates. No matter where a client is in their current stage of life, Cyntalia is committed to providing the best financial advice and insurance policy assistance that she can. And as many of her clients will attest, she does it all with a smile and a sincere heart that clients truly appreciate.

Cyntalia’s clients also comment that she bears one of the key hallmarks of a great financial services consultant, that is, always being just a phone call away to answer any question or address any issues should they arise. These attributes keep clients coming back to Cyntalia year after year, proving that she is the type of financial services consultant who is in it for the long haul and can not only grow your portfolio but also grow to accommodate your increasing needs throughout the years as life and career circumstances change.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Thanks Cyntalia for taking such great care of me and my family!!! Your service provides the best customer service in Singapore!! You always go above and beyond for us. I appreciate that you taking care of our life insurance needs! Very responsible for identifying risk management strategies, handling policy renewals, and tracking claims! Nice to meet you, love to be a part of you.

Best Regards,
Hamidah, Graphic Designer

Cyntalia has been a good friend of mine for decades. As a friend, she is very attentive and passionate about what she does and always goes the extra mile to help those around her.
This personality extends to her profession.

As a financial planner, she is very sincere, trustable and responsible with the exceptional ability explain things in a simple and concise manner for me to understand with her extensive product knowledge.

Her client centric approach took into consideration my requirements and budget to ensure that the new financial plans are tailor made for me and my family.

For me, engaging a financial planner is for the long haul, and it is assuring to know that she is always just a phone call away.

To date, my finances and financial security have been in good health, and I am more than sure that all these investments and insurance will pay off when I need them the most.

I am very thankful for to Cyntalia and would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Thank you

Robbie Ong, Account Manager

A big shout out to Cyntalia. She is just tailored for this role of helping and advising people in financial services. She is always there to reply and not aggressive towards wanting to close a deal but a dependable and knowledgeable agent or friend that is ever ready to answer all your financial services.

Esther Chua