Chiu Tze

Financial Services Consultant

Company :

Capital Choice Southwest and Copper Mountain Insurance

Year Established :


Type of Insurance :

016-887 9586

Contact Number :

016-887 9586

Hours of Operation :

8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday

As a Premier Consultant, Chiu Tze brings with her a curiosity for finding ways to continually improve, both for herself and for her clients. One of her favourite quotes reads, “Being stable in life is good; being stagnant is not.” With the essence of that quote’s meaning as her foundation, she is always asking the questions, “Is this the best solution we can find? Is this the best policy?” and “Can we do better?” Never one to succumb to the status quo, Chiu Tze has overcome many challenges to get to where she is today.

Though she started with a job in a science, she later transitioned to serving as a relationship manager in OCBC, the latter of which served as a strong foundation for what she is today, a financial services consultant.

When it comes to building a client’s financial portfolio, client needs and goals are always at the forefront of her mind. It is this caring professional attitude that has helped her to build new client relationships and expand her current client base.

Clients often comment that Chiu Tze holds excellent credentials and goes above and beyond to put together solutions that serve clients best. When asked why they would recommend her as a financial services consultant, her clients commented that she is “friendly, knowledgeable, and has the utmost professional integrity.”

When she is not working, she enjoys doing sports activities and spending time with family and friends.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Thanks for helping me with my portfolio. Though you are new in this job but you are very professional to recommend me one of the best policies that suit me. I would like to recommend my relatives and friends to you. I trust your professionalism. Well Done!

Alice Mun, Optician

I have been friend with Chiu Tze for around 20+ years. She is very helpful and friendly, she is a great person with great character.

As a financial Advisor, Chiu Tze is very responsible and provides excellent service. She willing to spend times to analyze my existing policies and was able to provide excellent advices and recommendations. Thank her for the help and professional service provided, it helps me a lot in choosing and deciding the suitable plan/policy for my need. Thanks and keep up the great work!

I highly recommend Chiu Tze, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Wei Kuan, IT network engineer

Thanks Chiu Tze for sharing the plan with us. Appreciate her dedication and patience in providing information and details for our review and evaluation

Willy & Shirley, Assistant Manager & Customer Service Engineer

Chiu Tze is very friendly, accommodating and understanding. She addresses what is needed for every phase in life and suggest policies or plans that are most suitable to fit and is not pushy. She doesn’t insist when I am not comfortable with the prices of plans but aims to find one that is financially more suitable for me at different phases in life. Highly recommend her outstanding service as a financial advisor.

Zulfaqar, Sales & Technical Manager

“She always make me felt that I am important to her. And she is really paying full attention in listening to my needs and translate it to a proposal that accurately full- fill them. She always deliver what I ask for, spot on. “

KH Lee, Regional Information Security Manager