Yin Fong

Financial Services Consultant

Company :


Year Established :


Type of Insurance :

Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Industry Insurance

Contact Number :

016-887 9586

Hours of Operation :

8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday

Before becoming afinancial services consultant at the company, Yin Fong previously worked in banking for more than 10 years. This includes both foreign and local banks like CIMB, Bank of China, UOB & OCBC.

Now, as a financial services consultant, Yin Fong is a specialist in Baby & Family Planning & portfolio review. She helps clients, both individuals and families, to plan for short term and long-term goals.

As she describes it, the more time she spent in this line of work, the more she found purpose in the various forms of insurance she handled. Case after case, she would discover the positive benefits that the policies provided for all her clients. This was extremely rewarding for Yin Fong and was the inspiration for her to keep building her career in the industry.

To date, her key achievements at AIA have been making the Top 5 new FSCs by ANP in December 2020, March 2021 and April 2021.

When discussing why she made the transition from banking to Financial Services, Yin Fong notes that her banking job required long hours that did not seem sustainable for the next 20 years. Instead, she began keeping her eyes open for new opportunities. She decided to take a chance and explore the insurance business. After talking to some of her friends in the insurance line and listening to their inspiring stories in the industry, she decided to take a leap of faith. It took her 3 months to obtain all the required licencing. Right after that she was all ready to go full time into the business and she hasn’t looked back since.

She has now built up a reputation among her clients as being extremely hardworking and responsible. She is very thorough, a trait which ensures her clients are never caught off guard by policies or payments that they did not understand or expect. Yin Fong now encourages all people to seek the professional assistance of a financial services consultant because of the remarkable impact it can have on ensuring a comfortable future based on sound wealth accumulation and preservation strategies and the appropriate insurance packages to match.

Personal Bio:

  • Previously working in bank for more than 10 years, from foreign to local bank like CIMB, Bank of China, UOB & OCBC
  • Specialist in Baby & family Planning & portfolio review. Helping individual and family to plan for short term and long-term goals
  • The more i stayed in this line of work, the more i find purpose in the various forms of insurance as i handle case after case and witness the positive benefits that it provides for all my clients.
  • Key achievements in AIA: Top 5 new FSCs by ANP: December 2020 / March 2021 / April 2021

1.Why join this career?

I was working in banking industry more than 10 years. The job was stable but long working hours. I knew that I could not continue this job for the next 20 years and definitely regret if I did not try something new. The job was soul-sucking and no longer felt motivated.

I was on the lookout for new opportunities and keep an open mind to explore the insurance business. After talking to some of my friends in the insurance line and listening to their inspiring stories in the industry, I decided to take a leap of faith. I used 3 months to clear all the required licencing. Then right after that I was all ready to go full time into the business.

2.Favourite quote:

“Impossible is nothing” – A simple quote from Adidas that means so much in real life. Never write off something before you try it.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Yin Fong has been my friend and ex colleague for many years. As a colleague she was hardworking, responsible and meticulous. She was passionate with her work ensuring that all tasks given to her were completed with her utmost ability. As a friend, she is kind, compassionate an always ready to lend a listening ear. Being a long-time friend, Yin Fong is familiar with my situation, thus advised me in taking care of my well-being. As a financial advisor, she structured products that are beneficial for me. I have gone through several insurance agent but she is the first whom i admire. Her knowledge, confident, integrity and sincerity in her work convinced me to take up their policy. I would definitely recommend Yin Fong to my friends who are interested to take up any financial advise. With her positive attitude I believe she will excel in whatever she do.

Yeo Pak Geok, Manager Bank of China

Yin Fong has been my Financial Advisor this year. I signed up the savings plan with her after her explanation on savings plan. I notice insurance e.g. savings plan is very important as a wage earner especially people like me. She is now managing my AIA insurance.

I know Yin Fong for more than 10 years. She is professional, friendly, committed, responsible and prompt in her after-sales service, taking ownership and follow up on my queries.

I will be glad to introduce any of my friends to engage Yin Fong to consult for any personal, corporate insurance or investment solutions. I will not regret that she is my Financial Advisor.

Best regards
Bank Officer, Jean Hu

I have come to Singapore to work in recent years, and I have not saved any savings or bought any insurance for myself. After Yin Fong understand my situation and personal finances, she helps me to tailor a full coverage insurance plan. I signed up a comprehensive plan with her that can give me protection and meanwhile also can accumulate my wealth. She is now managing all my AIA insurance.

I recommend that you can look for Yin Fong for any financial planning solution. She definitely is a good financial advisor and will not force you to buy any insurance that you don’t need and she is very attentive and patient as well.

Steven, Air-con technician

Yin Fong have been a great Financial Advisor to me, not only she takes care of my financial portfolio, she also ensures that my whole family are well covered with the right insurance product.

Furthermore, Yin Fong also provided good after-sales service and update me timely about any changing trends and reviewing our policies in detail to maintain my financial well-being.

I would like to compliment to her great service, her passion in serving our needs, and her warm personality makes people comfortable to be around her. Best of all she does not push products. My family and I trust her to take care of our family portfolio.

All the best, Jia You.

Warm regards, Kwee Hong