Rui Ting

Financial Services Consultant

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8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday
When achieved, stability is often held onto with a firm grip by young adults. For Rui Ting, stability was not enough- she sought constant personal growth, which brought her to the world of financial advisory after leaving her corporate job. With a strong will to exceed expectations and push herself to greater heights despite seemingly having a demure demeanor, she is not a force to be belittled. One step at a time, she worked hard to become a better version of herself by constantly working on her foundation and building her knowledge.
Rui Ting’s goal and mission is simple: the very best for her clients. She stretches every dollar for them so they can have a peace of mind knowing their portfolio is fully optimised for the best benefits. Her fresh outlook and holistic approach to financial planning ensures every policy works hand in hand to reap maximum benefits in the long run. She believes that no concern is too small; each new perspective brings insight to unique solutions for every need. Being a strong advocate of having a partnership dynamic, she makes sure to listen attentively to their inputs and gives them enough space to choose what they are most comfortable with. This ensures the highest quality of service excellence and success.
Rui Ting describes this as a career where she can reach out to bring about a positive impact on many others, even those that are out of her usual circle of family and friends. She found a strong purpose in herself and her role in her clients’ lives as they move on to different life stages, by being their trusted financial advisor who is there to work around their ever-changing needs.