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Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Industry Insurance

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016-887 9586

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8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday

Clients call Juliana an eleven out of ten for her stellar client-oriented approach and passion for helping others through her profession as a financial services consultant and insurance agent. Known to many as “Ju,” Juliana’s first job after graduating with a diploma in Information Communication Technology was as an IT specialist for the Broadband & Services industry. By chance while at that job, she ran into her former mentor, who convinced her to pursue her present career. Agreeing that Financial Advisory services would be a greater opportunity to help people, Ju took a risk and quit her IT job at the time to pursue her new goal to become financial services consultant.

While it would have been great if it all worked out seamlessly, Ju admits that her path was filled with challenges. By nature, she’s an introverted person and can have difficulties talking to people let alone starting a conversation with strangers during street canvassing. There were plenty of rejections on the ground and no one was willing to do a short survey with her. It was demoralising as a newcomer, but she was determined to turn her rejection into a learning opportunity.

With a “now or never” attitude, Ju gritted her teeth and persisted with her decision. She eventually archived fast track & Quality Club Elite in her 1st year without setting out to do so. She also had her mini breakthrough archiving AIA Million Dollar Club Member.

This profession appeals to Juliana most because it allows her to add value and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Her goal is to educate people about the value of insurance and also to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. Ju strives everyday to establish a reputation as a reliable agent who is memorable and reliable and wants to eliminate the misconception that insurance agents are motivated purely by profit.

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

On a scale of one to ten, you’re an eleven.

My wife and I had known Juliana for many years. That time my former insurance agent left, and she took over. My insurance policies had since well taken care of by her. She would keep in touch with us frequently to review my existing policies and check on our insurance needs. We were so impressed by her professionalism and personal nature. I would say that Juliana is not merely an insurance agent, but a good financial planner. She was always sensibly to recommend the plans that not only suit our needs, but also fit our budgets. She explained the policies in detail in plain and clear language. Not only my wife purchased insurance policy through her, but we also bought the first insurance policy for our new-born six years ago. We found Juliana to be thoroughly attentive, responsive, and very diligent in keeping us informed. We were pleased and satisfied with the service provided by Juliana. She was always on time, fast and effective in her work. Juliana is not only our insurance agent but also our friend. It is our pleasure to highly recommend Juliana. We are grateful for the help and advice that she has provided. Thank you!

Gary Aik, Snr QA Engr

The Trustworthy One

Thank you for providing good advice to fit the needs of my current situation with detailed explanation to ensure that I fully understand the policy as well as patiently answering to any doubts that I had. During the process of presenting, she even asked questions that I did not think of. Now I can be rest assured that the policies I have with her is in good hands and if there is anything that I need assistance with, she will always be there to ensure things are smooth. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Jeralyn, Management Trainee

Recommended Consultant

In my past 20 years, my financial planning and insurance coverage was taken care by my parents, both were planned by a relative who is also a financial consultant. After having a stable income, I took over the responsibility on handling my own financial planning and insurance coverage.

When I was younger, my parents let our relative do the financial planning and plan insurance coverage for me. After I started working, I began to handle my own financial planning and insurance coverage.

During my days, I have also met up with different financial consultants and the way they explain the products to me are not as clear. It seems to me that it’s rather unreliable as they were either unclear of the products or only insisting that the plans is the best choice to me. It makes me feel that they were trying to hard-sell or close the deal without understanding my needs.

I have also met up with different financial consultants and the way they explain the products to me are not as clear. It seemed to me they were either unclear of the products or only insisting that the plans were the best choice to me. It made me feel that they were trying to hard-sell or close the deal without understanding my needs.

Juliana and I have been friends for many years and she knew that most of my policies were under my relative. Without influencing me to change my financial consultant or forcing me to purchase any policies, she worked out a summary of all the policies I had and went through with me in detail. With her advice, I understand more on whether my coverage is enough, what coverage I lack of and how to improve it. She also put together plans for my parents, so we have a record on what their coverage is. From there, I decided to improve my policies’ coverage with her as she make me feel safe and is trustworthy. She will brief me and ensure that I fully understand the policy before purchasing it. She will arrange a policy review with me yearly and promptly reply to all enquires and claims asked.

I would say that Juliana is a professional Financial Consultant who recommends policies based on our comfort level and coverage needed. She cares not only about her policy holder but also their families’ members.

Liling, Office Executive

Willingness to go an extra mile the title

I’ve known Juliana as a schoolmate, colleague and now she’s our family’s financial consultant.

She’s a professional, spontaneous, understanding and supportive financial consultant. She’s also willing to go an extra mile. I would recommend her as your financial consultant as she’s able to give you good advice on your financial goals and medical needs. She’s readily available to answer your queries when in doubts to give you a peace of mind😁👍🏻

Joyce, IT helpdesk support

She’s the one

Juliana is a professional Financial Consultant who recommends policies based on your comfort level and understanding your needs. She is also willing to go an extra mile to help you manage your policies even if the policies are not bought under her. She will do a planning on whether my coverage is enough, what coverage I’m lack in and how to improve it. She is very patient in explaining the policy and makes sure that you understand what you are getting. She is the one that you can trust with your policies, I would definitely recommend her as your financial consultant as she’s able to give you the best advice on your financial goals and medical needs.

Pei Rong, Clinic Assistant

Choose Juliana and you will be in great hands.

Juliana is a great & dedicated advisor. She doesn’t push me to get anything beyond my means and she works within what I want to get. She keeps me updated monthly on my current ‘package’ and she also text occasionally just to catch up and check on how things are doing during this current covid situation.

Yes, i would definitely recommend Juliana to my family, friends and colleagues cause i know they would be in great hands (:

Elliyana, Dental Assistant


In my past experiences with some financial consultants, they are professional by conducting financial review for me and will promote their policies that suits me but the sad thing is, their professionalism does not include integrity and accountability. I have met financial consultant “entertain” me by replying to my message but did not get back to me when i need help. There was a time i had to go to the insurance company and enquire about the status of my investment policy. I was quite shocked when the counter service staff told me that no one is handling my investment policy and all I had was pamphlet instructions on how to monitor my investment online with few thousand dollars losses within one and a half year.

The first time i met Juliana was at Jurong East bus interchange where i was on my way to queue up for my bus trip. Before I reached the bus queue, Juliana approached me and i tried to brush her off by saying that I’m rushing to queue up for my bus but that did not stop her. I recalled that Juliana offered to queue up with me and gave a quick sharing of her company’s recent policies. I did not reject her as I have never seen anyone so persistent before.

Over the years, Juliana has been consistent in keeping contact with me and will make effort to find out more information for me when I have queries regarding my policies’ coverage. When my parents were facing a common issue where their financial consultant was uncontactable when they urgently need help for hospital claim, Juliana was there to help me sort out the problems and met up with me to verify the necessary documents before I submitted the application for hospital claim on the behalf of my parents. I told my parents that without Juliana’s help we may not be able to make the claim successfully and i shared with them on how she helped me with my policy issues when i needed her, After that, my parents requested to meet her for professional advice on insurance.

Looking back at what Juliana had done for me over the years as my financial consultant, without her persistence on the day we met, I would have missed out on a TRUE PROFESSIONAL financial consultant.

Joah Thang, Policeman

Comfortable talking to Juliana

Juliana is a very nice, friendly, and helpful person. I feel comfortable talking to her about my doubts. The way she handled all my questions was excellent as she explained every insurance plan in detail to me.

I would highly recommend Juliana to my family and relatives as their financial consultant. I am glad to have a wonderful financial consultant like Juliana.

Nazlinda Binte Zakaria, Enrolled nurse

Planning for the future starts with Juliana

Juliana is the first person to introduce me to saving plans. As a full-time national service man at that point of time, I have no knowledge about savings and is living from pay check to pay check, not planning for the future. I am thankful to have met her, and I am glad I gave her the chance to help me with my saving plans, helping me to save for the future and enhance my financial security. As an agent, Juliana is always ready to help her clients and she is a really sweet person to talk to. Given a chance to choose, I would still choose her as my preferred agent.

Boo Ming Hui, Software Developer


本来是Hui sze 的原因 因为她是个很挑剔的人 能给她看上的人差不了去哪里的 , 加上跟你接触后发现你 很负责任 也很详细的介绍跟说明 也不hard sell 不会像有些为了target 就会push 着我们去买。加上我喜欢美女哈哈哈

Lishi, Admin Assistant

Caption: Trusted agent

Juliana is an outstanding agent. She’s very efficient and yet very heartwarming, always ready to help and listen and propose the best plans for my financial needs. I feel i am fully covered for myself and my family which puts me at ease knowing if anything happens to me, my family and i are in safe hands. I would definitely recommend her service to anyone in need of financial advice.

Sheng Han, Accountant Executive

Juliana really changed my perspective of insurance agents. She was really thoughtful, caring and most importantly, sincere. Making sure I understood everything I was getting into and ensuring everything goes smoothly. Thank you, Juliana, for all you’ve done!

Yuan Jiunn, Trade Team Leader