Jonas Chong

Financial Services Consultant

Company :

AIA Wesion Jakeyu

Year Established :


Type of Insurance :

Life insurance, Medical insurance, retirement planner

Contact Number :


Hours of Operation :

8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday

About me

As a Young Family Planning expert and a Retirement Planning expert, Jonas helps people make important financial and insurance decisions throughout the different stages of their lives. He has aided numerous families in building up a comprehensive portfolio. In particular, he is one of the firm’s select group of advisors to be chosen exclusively by the company to represent and work with their specialized insurance products for babies. In addition, as a retirement planner, he runs comprehensive portfolio reviews for clients and comes up with holistic plans that account for changing needs throughout retirement.

With 6 years of experience, Jonas has seen an abundance of unique situations that has helped build his knowledge and expertise in the industry. Whenever a client brings up a unique circumstance, chances are that Jonas has already has some experience with a similar situation in the past. This kind of experience has proven extremely helpful to clients who can always count on Jonas to have an excellent perspective grounded in real-world solutions.

Clients have commended Jonas for being available and helpful throughout the COVID-19 crisis. During the pandemic, Jonas continued to provide remote services to help clients with their life insurance, medical insurance, and retirement planning needs.

Outside of work, Jonas plays football on a regular basis and loves trying out new recipes and watching the English Premier League while sipping his favourite whiskey.

My  Expertise

Young Family Planning

  • One of the advisors to be selected exclusively by the company to participate in baby projects
  • Possesses more experience in terms of product knowledge, underwriting, and claims when it comes to baby insurance planning



  • Retirement Income: Presenting strategies to clients to accumulate retirement funds.
  • Portfolio Review: In-depth analysis of client’s portfolio and holistic planning

Wall of Trust

Testimonials & Referral Notes

Thank you Jonas.   I would say Jonas is a responsible agent as not only he is there to make sure my family is protected no matter what happens. But even with crisis with covid – 19. He is there to review with me my policies , making sure that my policies isn’t affected by the financial situation that I’m facing in the crisis. Definitely a agent to recommend that will walk through your life with you.  Once again, thank you Jonas!

Nicholas Ho, Director, Ho Motors

With trust in you, Me & My Family brought insurance from you,We entrust your prompt services and clear details updated on our existing insurance policy. During this circuit breaker you are the only agent whom will go towards the extra mile to even provide FREE face mask for our protection. Thumbs up! You  protect us not only with your insurance coverage but even your time and effort. It really makes us feel like a family. Thank you! (You are the best I met so far.)

Kelvin Lin, Manager

Jonas is a very responsive and reliable financial planner. He is always handling my queries patiently to ensure my concerns are being addressed. Despite the long period of consideration, he has shown sincerity in providing me the plans and solutions that I need. He is not pushy unlike other agents I have known, but rather a trustworthy agent whom I can entrust my financial plans with. Thank you for the good service!


Jasmine, Corporate RM

Sure thing ~ yeah am happy so far with your services. You’ve acted in a professional manner and seem to know what you’re talking about and enjoy it. Supplied me with information and given good recommendations with which policies I should go for. (I really knew nothing about insurance before, you’ve made it clearer to me)

 I chose you as I knew you via UE instead of meeting a random agent (at first my wife said i should meet her friends agent but i said no i rather meet you). Met you previously at our UE gatherings and you seemed like a cool nice guy. Honest to me about your past.

Overall my first impression of you was good, i like nice, simple, kind honest people and you seemed like that to me, someone i could consider a friend and not just an ‘agent’ 😉


Andrew, Senior Engineer