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8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday
A natural empath, since her working years Jamie has devoted her life to be in the service industry. She began her career in Singapore Airline’s as Cabin Crew in 2018. When the pandemic struck and she realised she was not able to serve as many people as she hoped she could; she wanted to do more, serve more, grow more. That’s when she heard her calling. A calling and desire so strong she decided to give up a stable income and take the ultimate leap of faith to become a Financial Planner with the ultimate goal of changing more lives for the better.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Jamie is often described by those who know her as benevolent, loyal above all else and highly attentive. Fairly new having just over a year’s worth of experience under her belt she still has a ways to go, however do not let this fool you. Having had to grow up in poverty has made her matured beyond her years, understanding the importance of Financial Health is only second nature. Always being able to bounce back no matter the adversity as well as finding a learning curve in every situation has made her develop a keen eye. Paired with her willingness to learn, she is highly knowledgeable. Thus allowing her to effectively spot ways to resolve the problems her clients are facing Today.

Jamie has provided brand new ideas and solutions never thought of before, unique to every individual and financial situation to optimise their wealth and increase their financial stability. Jamie’s clients can always count on her to be responsive and responsible. They trust her and her capability to adapt and empathise, always ready to go the extra mile for them. Determined and driven, she always strives to find the most comfortable solutions to her clients needs. Jamie is one you can definitely rely on to provide top tier quality and service. Join her in her ultimate goal; changing more lives for the better.