Company :

Capital Choice Southwest and Copper Mountain Insurance

Year Established :


Type of Insurance :

Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Industry Insurance

Contact Number :

016-887 9586

Hours of Operation :

8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Saturday

Before joining WEGroup, Charles worked in Ricoh, Singapore for 8 years as a Solutions Analyst, a position that he is certain helped prepare him for his future as a financial services consultant. In his prior role, Charles was tasked with quickly identifying the best solution for challenging business problems. When he came to WEGroup, Charles saw just how transferable those skills were. He quickly built up a lasting rapport and trust with his clients after they witnessed firsthand his dedication to find the all-around best solutions to tricky business problems. As clients saw Charles’s ability to find solutions firsthand, clients began to believe in Charles and sought his council based on his sincere and objective approach.

Charles specializes in portfolio restructuring using a simple yet proven strategy. Always a friendly face, he pays attention to details to build long term relationships with his clients. This attentive demeanor helps to make the customer service experience as easy as possible for anyone looking for help. Charles’s personal motto is that he believes that financial planning has to be sustainable yet able to achieve the goals of the client.

With his strategy, Charles has helped many business owners and professionals to fully optimize their portfolio by lowering cost but achieving better returns. His greatest motivation comes from knowing that he is able to help shape his clients’ financial landscape. One of his favorite quotes, “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan,” echoes one of his core beliefs.

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